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Appellation d Origin logo Monoi de Tahiti - a cult for 2,000 years….Appellation of Origin for 20 years …

Monoi OilLike everything about Monoi de Tahiti how it obtained its Appellation of Origin is a story.

It all began in 1988 when the four largest producers of monoi in Tahiti ( Parfumerie Tiki the oldest and original Monoi since 1942) came together to form the Union of producers of Monoi. Their principal aim was to restore the superior reputation of Polynesian Monoi by fighting against imitations , poor quality coconut oil , more often than not drowning in exotic perfumes from any and every country. At best these fakes smell like monoi but have none of the virtues of this unique cosmetic product. What is more, than 80% of the monoi sold in France is not authentic.

In order to combat this plague of fakes and gain official recognition of the special qualities of monoi produced in French Polynesia, Polynesian authorities decided that same year to create an official definition and to regulate its use by voting into local law (no. 350CM). This established two type of monoi: traditional monoi made from grated fresh coconut (known as mamas monoi) and commercially produced monoi made from refined copra oil. This recognition has set a precedent in the world of French cosmetology.

Another four years would go by before the union succeeded in creating a trademark to enhance the value of this uniquely Polynesian product. This trademark sets out the selection criteria for the primary materials, the manufacturing process to be followed , and quality standards. By a Decree passed on the 1st
of April 1992, “Monoi de Tahiti”, Label of Origin ( Appellation d’Origine, AO) was created. This the first time a cosmetic product has been recognized in this way.

The Monoi de Tahiti AO Label guarantees the quality of the product and the Polynesian sourcing of its ingredients. The terms of the label indicate very precisely the manufacturing process to be followed. Monoi de Tahiti is obtained by steeping tiare flowers in refined copra oil that has been extracted from coconuts
harvested in the geographic region of French Polynesia as ripe nuts, grown in soils of coral origin. These nuts be from the Cocos nucifera and the tiare flowers must be the species Gardenia tahitensis (following Candolle’s classification) harvested in bud form, (decree 912-30) . Any product containing Monoi de Tahiti is required to mention in its list of ingredients “Cocos nucifera” and “Gardenia tahitensis”.

The labeling of products using Monoi de Tahiti is also protected. The product first must contain a minimum concentration of Monoi de Tahiti , which will vary depending on the product. The label also requires that when transported in bulk , Mondi de Tahiti (AO) must be stored in cubicontainers or barrels suitable for food storage.


Heading to Tahiti in 2015 you will start the Year off with the Chinese New Year in February
with the Year of the Sheep.

Can’t make up your mind which island to go to...we have been to most of the islands in French Polynesia and atolls and so far our all around favorite is Huahine. Keep in mind...there is really no night life in the islands. Nor are there malls or shopping centers...if this is what you are looking for you should probably go elsewhere. Diving, snorkeling , sunbathing, walking , hiking and biking are what should be on you agenda.

TAHITI - a place to escape to, a unique lure to the romantic. Tahiti gets a bad rap from many travel books. “They advise visitors to go straight to Bora Bora or Moorea.,” but they miss out on so much by doing that. We love Papeete, French Polynesia’s laissez-fare capitol, which is often ignored all together. Papeete has one of the finest waterfronts in the South Pacific. Tucked neatly in between a horseshoe bay and the towering peaks of Aorai and Te taraomaiao, it is scenic and vibrant with life, providing an interesting contrast to the luxury resorts with manicured gardens and manufactured beaches. If you decide to stay in downtown Papeete which for us is a must stay at Hotel Tiare Tahiti. The view is gorgeous and it is centrally located to everything . The staff always make us feel at home. We never go to Tahiti without staying there for at least 3 or 4 days.

Rebecca and JanAs always I recommend, Jan Prince’s travel book “Tahiti & French Polynesia Guide” now in its fourth edition. In my opinion the best travel guide out there on Tahiti. We have been to French Polynesia many times and I still bring it with me on all of our trips.

On one of our visits to Moorea we met Jan and a Tahitian lady friend of hers at Aito Restaurant on the lagoon side between Cook’s and Opunohu Bay. Jan is quite delightful and has a never-ending amount of stories and adventures of her over 30 years in French Polynesia.

“Heiva I Tahiti is undoubtedly the most famous of all cultural festivals. This big traditional celebration runs for a month and includes the National Holiday of July 14. Events include, best artistic groups with singing, dancing and their fabulous costumes. Sports contest, which include canoe racing, javelin throwing, stone lifting, cobra preparation, etc. The Craft Heiva runs at the same time and all forms of craftworks from the five islands are represented. We have been to both Heiva’s and they are a wonderful representation of these warm loving people and their culture.

French Polynesia has made the longest flower lei, Guinness World Records has confirmed.

If you are planning a trip this year below are the 2015 Calendar of Events.

Tahiti Manava Visitors Bureau 2015 Calendar of Events.



New Year's Day, All of French Polynesia celebrates the New Year. The long-standing tradition is to spend New Year's Day driving around the islands visiting friends and relatives. Children's games are held in town on most islands.

New Year "Kaina" Island Tour takes place in Tahiti the first Sunday of the New Year. The Office of Tourism organizes this celebration which features a guided "circle island" tour along with music, songs, games, plays, sports dances and other traditional animation

Ceremony of "Tere". The traditional three-day New Year's festivities celebrated in each village on the island of Rurutu.

First ATP Pacific Tour International Tennis Tournament (Tahiti)

Hinano Surf Tour (Tahiti), end of January


St. Valentine's Day, February 14th
This loving feast is celebrated everywhere with special entertainment

Tahiti Nui Marathon (and Tahiti Nui Inline Skate Marathon)
Along this entirely flat course next to a crystal blue lagoon and a rich tropical surrounding on paved circle island roads, water, PowerAde, and tropical fruits will be served to you from dugout canoes, and when you cross the finish line at Temae Beach, the beautiful Tahitian vahines will bestow you with a floral wreath and a shell medal!
For more details, visit Tahiti Nui Marathon.

Chinese New Year -YEAR OF THE Dragon
The Chinese community of Tahiti celebrates the New Year on the date given by the Chinese horoscope for that particular year. The program and festivities begin with an official opening ceremony at the Town Hall of Papeete. This is followed by a Grand Ball. A cultural day is also organized to discover the magic of Chinese folk culture; song, dance, martial arts and culinary arts.

"Hinano Cup Va'a" pirogue race (Tahiti)



Arrival of the First Missionaries (Marquesas Islands)
The only annual public holiday honoring the arrival of the first Christian European missionaries over 200 years ago, on March, 5, 1797. Celebrations include re-enactments of the missionaries' arrival.

The Coming of the Gospel
A commemorative celebration of the arrival of the first Protestant missionaries in Tahiti. This year marks the 207th anniversary of the Coming of the Gospel.

Tahitian Cultured Pearl Festival
The Black Pearl Festival will be held in To'ata Square on the waterfront in Papeete Tahiti. See the amazing designs created with these world renown Cultured Pearls.

Raiatea International Billfish Tournament
The rules for this tournament are based on IGFA rules, which help protect deep-sea marine life. The winners of this competition will be rewarded with trophies and cash prizes!

Austral Inter-Island Games
A week-long sporting holiday on the island of Rurutu, bringing together 400 athletes from throughout the Austral archipelago.

4th Annual Leeward Island Games
Competition to be held on the island of Huahine



Tifaifai Quilting Week. Held on Tahiti at the City Hall of Papeete

Heineken Kayak Contest. This competition is split into two races; the first leg will race over the 35-km stretch between Tahiti and her sister island, the second leg will be over the 45-km stretch between Huahine and Raiatea. These 2 contests are the basis for selection into the top French Polynesian team that will carry the national flag in overseas competition.

Areaarea I Tahiti. The inter-island games held on the island of Tahiti.

The "Me" Ceremony. The Evangelical Church's charity event to fundraise from each parish throughout French Polynesia.



Billabong Tahiti Pro Surfing Tournament. The quiet village of Teahupoo (west coast of Tahiti) will host the event with trials organized from May 1st to May 5th and the main event from May 6th to May 18th. Local surfers will be invited to compete with the best surfers in the world during the trials. Surfers will face one of the most respected reef waves in the world. The size of the waves have earned the site the moniker "Jaws of Water."

Commemoration of the arrival of the " Bounty " (Australs Islands)

Finals of the Arearea I Tahiti Games. Following the elimination trials held in April, the finals of the Arearea I Tahiti games will be held May 1-3

Centennial Commemoration of the Death of Paul Gauguin. Events to be held May 8-10, on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas.



Heiva I Tahiti (Cultural Heiva). The largest cultural festival in all of Tahiti taking place at beautiful To'ata Square in Papeete, Tahiti. This year's Heiva will feature the biggest-ever assembly of dance troupes. In addition to the dance competitions there are sporting events, cultural demonstrations, cuisine and artisans.

The 4th Tahiti Nui Cup. "The only sailing regatta in the world with more lay days than races". Race among the stunning tropical Islands of Raiatea, Huahine, Taha'a and Bora Bora in Tahiti's Leeward Islands. Enjoy an island hopping festival of traditional food and entertainment and when the parties are over cruise the turquoise waters of the most beautiful lagoons in the world.
For more information: Tahiti Nui Cup

Horue Surf Competition (Tahiti).

Hiva Vae'vae Autonomy Celebration. Located at To'ata Square on the waterfront of Papeete, Tahiti.



Tahiti - Heiva Nui

Heiva of Arts & Crafts
This event will kick off the month-long Heiva Nui. Artists from all over French Polynesia will show and sell their wares at the Aorai Tini Hau Exposition Hall in the district of Pirae in Tahiti. Artists from all archipelagoes will demonstrate their skill at weaving, carving, tifaifai (Tahitian patchwork)... Demonstrations and workshops will be also held

Singing and dancing Festival

Tahiti Nui Games

Canoe Races

Bora Bora - Heiva I Bora Bora



International Golf Open. International event at the 18-hole golf course on the main island of Tahiti. The best golfers from the Pacific compete for the prize money.

Night of the Guitar & Ute. In late August, the local musicians descend on Papeete to compete in this contest based on traditional satirical improvisational songs.

Tahiti Agricultural Fair (Tahiti). Agriculture enthusiasts and flower growers join with artisans from throughout Tahiti and Her Islands during this highly-anticipated annual event. A Tahitian village is built for the occasion.

Te Ora e Te Mana. Historical reconstitution at the Marae Arahurahu in Paea on Tahiti.



World Tourism Day (Tahiti & Her Islands). Similar to the Heiva, this event celebrates tourism to Tahiti with a range of cultural, artistic, musical, and sporting demonstrations to delight visitors.

Annual Arts & Crafts Exposition of Tahiti-Iti. Held in the small village of Taravao, located at the isthmus of Tahiti and Tahiti-iti.



Super "Aito" Individual Canoe Race (Moorea-Tahiti). The best outrigger canoes compete in this inter-island race in pursuit of the title and the winner's ring.

Aitoman & Half-Aitoman Triathlon in Moorea. Proclaimed the "most exotic long distance triathlon in the world!!!".

Mister Tahiti Contest. Located on the island of Tahiti.

Hawaiki Nui Va'a. International Outrigger Canoe Race from the island of Huahine to Raiatea, Tahaa, and Bora Bora. Over 100 teams from canoeing countries all over the world participate in this grueling open-ocean race.

Carnival de Tahiti. Patterned after Rio's famous Carnival, visitors are encouraged to participate in this joyful celebration, which will have all of Papeete dancing to folkloric, Polynesian and international rhythms. The Parade takes place on the Papeete waterfront, a very colorful affair with around 15,000 participants.

Annual Arts & Crafts Exposition from the Austral Islands. Held at Vaiete Square in Papeete, Tahiti.



Tahiti Nui Roller Marathon
Located on the peninsula of Tahiti, also known as Tahiti-iti.
International Endurance. Sporting events in the Tuamotu atolls.

All Saint's Day -- "Turamaraa". The Papeete marketplace is transformed into a botanical garden and entertainment center during this poignant celebration. At night, the cemeteries are adorned with candles, as families sing hymns and recite prayers for their dearly departed.

Rugby in Moorea & Tahiti
A rugby "sevens" tournament on a half-field with special Tahitian atmosphere.

Special Austral Islands Festival Day. For a few days, the GIE Tahiti Manava Visitors Bureau offers an overview of the arts and crafts, cultural activities and cooking specialties practiced in the faraway Austral islands located at about 600 kilometers south of Tahiti.


Day of the "Tipanie" Flower (Tahiti). The frangipani (or plumeria) is celebrated during this festival. For this special event, many buildings are decorated with this flower. A dinner is held during which contests are organized for the most beautiful flower crown and traditional "Mama Ru'au" dress.

"Te Tuhuka O Te Henua Enana" Marquesas Arts & Crafts Exhibit & Sale (Tahiti). In honor of Polynesian traditions, handicraft associations assemble to show their work. The Marquesas are well known for exquisite wood carvings and tapa cloth.

Annual Arts & Crafts Exposition from the Austral Islands. Held at Vaiete Square in Papeete, Tahiti.

Annual Arts & Crafts Exposition from the Marquesas. Held at To'ata Square in Papeete, Tahiti. November 16 - December 1.

Raiatea Quadrathlon



Tiare Days on Tahiti. Tahiti pays tribute to its emblematic flower during this three-day celebration. Many buildings are exceptionally decorated for this event.

Pineapple Festival (Moorea). The pineapple is the official symbol of Tahiti's sister island of Moorea. Moorea's Tourism Committee organizes a day of tastings and a variety of shows, all centered around the theme of the pineapple.

Special Marquesas Island Festival Days (Tahiti). For a few days, the GIE Tahiti Manava Visitors Bureau offers an overview of the arts, crafts, cultural activities and food specialties indigenous to these remote islands located approximately 500 kms North East of Tahiti.

Annual Arts & Crafts Exposition from the Marquesas
Held at To'ata Square in Papeete, Tahiti.


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Goodbye…au revoir…nana


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