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Here at TAHITI-ITI.COM we are an importer of the legendary exotic natural beauty products from mystical Tahiti.

After over a decade of exclusively offering the finished Monoi product line of Parfumerie Tiki – we are pleased to introduce MonoiUSA.com as the exclusive US Importer for their cosmetic grade bulk MONOI and TAMANU Oil.

Our knowledge of the products and our strong relationship with Parfumerie Tiki, along with our focus on quality and customer service, have earned us a reputation for reliability.

Parfumerie Tiki ships its MONOI directly to Tahiti Iti Imports in the United States, which allows us to deliver Monoi to our customers much more efficiently. We keep significant inventory available here at all times, so that we can accommodate orders of any size.

MONOI DE TAHITI® the natural product used by Polynesians for its moisturizing virtues since the Mist of time. The secret for centuries of the beautiful Polynesian women has remained the same MONOI.

From the market in Papeete, Tahiti to the atoll of Rangiroa, from exotic Bora Bora to the sacred island of Raiatea the MONOI that is most prevalent is PARFUMERIE TIKI.

At TAHITI-ITI.COM we exclusively carry PARFUMERIE TIKI line of high quality skin care, bath and hair products, French milled soaps with their creamy lather and parfumerie made with MONOI DE TAHITI® and other beneficial natural ingredients such as TAMANU oil that is renowned for its regenerative properties.

PARFUMERIE TIKI located in Papeete Tahiti, has been in existence since 1942. Through its more than fifty years of history in French Polynesia its composition of MONOI  has remained unchanged.

They still retain their original modest packaging and their trademark tiare flower is hand placed in every bottle of Monoi Tiare Tahiti Oil.

The best proof of the constant quality  of MONOI is the fact that it is still widely
used by the Polynesians.

These enchanting tropical fragrances and inexpensive original products, which are extremely popular throughout Europe are now here for you. If you can’t get to Tahiti… get to TAHITI-ITI.COM.As the Polynesians say… MAURURU! 

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