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Together with a renowned French Cosmetic company known for custom made cosmetics, packaging and strategy marketing, Parfumerie Tiki has elaborated for 2 years to create a top spa high-end product line. The formulas were created exclusively for TIKI making use of the finest and innovative raw materials such as beeswax, hyaluronic acid and menthol.

Sun-dried and sieved black sand coming from the fabled beaches of Tahiti enters the composition of the exfoliating gel with up to 10% of Monoi de TahitiĀ® AO.Tiki creams. gels and balms combine the benefits of Monoi TIKI and creamy texture. In a concern for excellence the packaging has carefully been selected for a better preservation of the products.

Pamper in a World of Sweetness

The tiare flower has a sophisticated perfume that has been a great source of inspiration to perfumers and chemists. Its complex spicy bouquet with dominant notes of honey, vanilla,chocolate and cinnamon, with both floral- hyacinth- and earth tones are subtle and delicate yet captivating with the first scent left on the skin after use.

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Showing all 3 results